1910s Evening Gown
1920s Evening Gown


Although I do not consider myself an expert of Vintage Fashion, I have been interested since I was a teen way back in the 1970s!And as such have taken in a lot of study and information on the subject, as well as practice and so I now think I can say that I have enough knowledge to pass on tips for your benefit.

With the advent of the internet and the world wide web, research with illustrations is at our  fingertips and since I have used a home PC since 1994, that's also a lot of information my brain has collected.In addition, I do hold an Advanced Diploma in Heritage Interior Design,

although it is not about fashion,one does have to have a sense of style and flair

to design and the aptitude to learn about design history.


Anyway, please enjoy the information and illustrations posted here for your pleasure.

Finally, I hope perusing this and the following pages will give you passion and love for all things Vintage!


Whats On These Pages?

On this and the following pages you will find original fashion illustrations of the period, knowledge and tips on how to identify and

get 'The Look'.

In addition, tips on how to use what you might already have in your wardrobe or by buying low-cost modern items to achieve

'The Look', on a budget.I have also posted  'Etiquette Tips' which are useful for

both men & women.

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So here we go......

The next pages are fashion guides for..........


Please note:

These pages only give information on

'Antique' and 'Vintage Fashion',

1910 to 1950.

If you want information

and tips on

1960s ,1970s  fashions

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Retro Fashion Guide.


The Countess Palatine

of Burgundy

1930s Evening Gown
1940s Evening Gown
1920s 'Hip' fashions
Mens socks & ties!
1950s Haute Couture
1910s Parisian Fashions
1950s Evening Gown




Countess Christina Margareta Törnfly
Opera singer Adelina Patti
Portrait of unknown woman, 1883 - Iv
Edwardian Motoring hat with scarf
Actress Louise Brooks
20s tying up head scarf part 1
1930s 2 ladies headscarve
1930s scarf in sun
1940s scarf made into a turban
Wartime working Scarf
1950s head scarf floral
Princess Grace Kelly