Art Deco style clasp with Paste diamonds, graduated unusal colour pearls, longer length Twin set.

TYPE:  Vintage real pearl ?, passed the below test, not jeweller tested.

PEARL:  Cultured or Natural?possible cultured due to the near perfect forming, but grey colour normal indicates natural

COLOUR:  Creamy Grey

STRING: Silk , knotted between each pearl,

LENGTH : 19-20 INCHS graduated lengths- sits below collar bone

GEMS: Oblong with 9 paste diamonds 16 small ( 8 each butterfly wing , 5 missing) and 1 Barette larger one in the middle 

CLASP:  Large fish hook style clasp , design is Art Deco Butterfly

Clasp good working order.

MAKER: says '' Made in England'

METAL: Silver?unmarked

AGE:  Presuming 1930s by the style and materials used.

CONDITION: Good Vintage condition, been cleaned.5 missing small paste diamonds on clasp



 Real pearls have certain characterisics that faux pearls cannot imitate. To tell if your pearls are real or faux, you need to read these 'characteristics'. Namely by these simple tests.

TOUCH-  Pearls will always be cold to the touch, no mater the weather. Glass faux pearls will warm in your hands, real will not.

SURFACE -  Gentle place the pearl between your front teeth and roll the pearl between them. real pearls will have a slight 'gritty' feel on your teeth. This sensation is not huge, just sutble.

Glass, resin, plastic is always smooth, it will feel slippery between your teeth.

LOOK-  Most pearls are not the same shape, size or surface. But very good old natural or culturaled pearls can be to the naked eye, look under a eye glass. Real pearls come in 3 main types, natural ( uneven surface, but round) Cultured ( farmed osyters, often perfectly round) Boroque ( odd shaped, often elongated, these are the natural state, but not prized as high as 'natural' pearls that have 'grown ' round )

LUSTRE-  Real pearls have a lustre, a sort of muted glow, misty looking, pearlesant glow, In the light you might see your refection, hazy . Glass is shiney and one dimentional under the light, solid looking. Plastic, resin, etc look dull and 'dead'. Simply remeber pearls were a 'real living thing' and demonstrate this even out of there enviroment. Which is why they have always been prized. Glass and man made materials are just that and have never lived! 

WEIGHT-  Lots of folks think pearls that are not heavy are not real. But in fact if you held 3 necklaces in your hand, one pearl, one glass, one plastic/resin, you will find the heaviest will be the glass. Real pearls are lighter than glass and heavier than plastic etc.

Art Deco Twin Set Grey Pearl Necklace with Paste Diamonds