Marvella Glass Faux Pearls

STRAND: Single Strand Classic Graduated

BRAND:Gold coloured tag with Marvella

Pat No: 537985 ( 1950s)

CLASP:Clasp is articulated hook & eye


AGE: 1950s- due to tag saying '' Marvella' after 1965 it was '' Marvella Inc' And the Pat No

CONDITION: Good Vintage 'A pearl with some small amount flaked off


Marvella Costume Jewellery
Founded in 1911 in Philadelphia, Jewellery company Weinrich Bros. Co. produced exquisite jewellery. Weinrich Brothers, the founders of the company, to designate outstanding decorations used marking Marvella (trademark), and, later, in 1965, the company itself was renamed “Marvella, Inc.” The company opened subsidiaries many times. In the 1950s the company developed a wide production of jewelry made of artificial pearls of excellent quality under the brand name «Marvella Pearls, Inc.». However, the signature was often modified, using different fonts, in the box, and, later, in a circle, etc. Anyway, the name Marvella was always present in one of the three inscriptions – Marvella, Marvell, or Marvellesk.

Marvella Graduated Glass Faux Pearl Necklace